Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stop Looking at Me Swan...

I had to go downtown to run a few errands today.  Because the weather decided to be especially beautiful today, I took Gracie girl with me so we could walk around the lake while we were out.  She's a bundle of energy, but she's gotten really out of shape since her recent surgery lockdown.  So Fatty Fat Fat and I set out on the 4 mile trek, and let me tell you this:  COLD. C-O-L-D.  What the freezing is this all about?  I knew it was cool, and I came prepared with a hoodie and scarf, but dang!  Not even 20 paces and my ears were frozen.  Meanwhile, Fur Coat is trotting along beside me just happy as she can be sniffing the air like it's the first time she's ever smelled it.

I had my camera with me today with the intention of taking pics of this beautiful pair of swans that lives on the lake.  I sat on the first rocky area we came to which led down into the water.  Gracie hopped around on a few of them, then decided rocks were the scariest thing she'd ever come across and tried to go the other direction.  Uh, no go kiddo, we're sitting here and you will like it.  We did sit there.  She did not like it.  I guess this was a known feeding spot because those two swans spotted us from waaaay over there and glided right up like they had been waiting all day (I forgot to bring the bread, darnit!)  Turns out swans are a bigger threat than rocks so Gracie stepped up to protect the rocks she was afraid of.  My little warrior. 

They gracefully swam away in terror.  Or indifference.  Whatever.

Once we got around to the other side of the lake, we met up with our fancy friends again, along with a huge flock of ducks.  I sat on one of the big rocks and lifted Gracie down to the lower rocks for her to investigate.  As I'm putting her down, I hear "Hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."  (That's a hissing noise by the way.)  I turn around to see Mrs. Swan with her gaze locked on Gracie and her mouth all wide open HISSING!  Okay, on one hand it was completely funny because omg, a hissing swan.  But on the other hand, OMG A HISSING SWAN!  (When I was 6, I tried to feed an animal cracker to a swan just by holding it in my fingers, but instead the swan totally tried to eat ME instead and bit me.  It hurt!) 
This man jogs by with his lab and says "Hey, those swans will attack your dog.  Mine's 10 times the size of yours, and they knocked her right out of the water."  Whoa. UFC swans.  Who would have guessed?

Of course Gracie was completely oblivious to the fact that I was back fighting off ninja swans to keep them from eating her.  She has busy trying to sniff pigeons and couldn't be bothered with all that swan drama. I mean, really. Pssshhh.

Aside from battling frostbite and scorned lady swans, we had a really nice walk, and I know it was healthy for both of us to get out and about.  A 4 mile walk and a few sprints up some hills, and both of us got a really good  workout.  Mark this one down as a great day. :)


Kathryn said...

OhMyGod....Gracie is too cute! That hissing swan would have scared the crap out of me!

Gracie is very brave (or very oblivious...either one).

You're BOTH grinning in that first photo...priceless!

SEE? You wished that COLD on yourself! Be careful what you wish for!

Kathryn said...

I've said it at my place and I'll say it again over here:

You are da bomb!


You ROCK! (Don't EVER leave me.)

Lise said...

I agree, Gracie is a darling (lucky I live so far away or I might be visiting her every day).

And what a brave little girl she is. Swans freak me out, I've heard before that they will attack people and pets - eek!

Lise said...

Oooh and also - loving the new layout :)