Sunday, February 21, 2010

Klassy with a capital K....

I love music. LOVE it. LUV it. LUB it. LURVE it.  However, you want to LOLspeak, bottom line: Me + Music = Everlasting Happiness, forever and ever, till death do us part, amen.  Though I will pretty much listen to whatever music you put on (except Coldplay!  I hate Coldplay! Turn it off!), if I'm picking the tunes, I rarely listen to what I guess would be considered "grown up" music.  You know, stuff like the "classics," such honestly I can't even think of who I'm talking about, because that's just not usually the preset that I stop on while I'm scanning in the car.

No, I prefer the really deep profound stuff that makes you think.  The lyrics that really touch that part of your soul that felt all alone and now somehow comes to life with the realization that someone, somewhere, undertsands or something. Stuff like Miley Cyrus: "Cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I didn't get the memo."  Wow right?  Because I did not get the memo either and, it is, in fact, a party in the USA.

But I'm not here to talk about Miley.  I want to talk about new girl on the scene who is tearing it up or breaking it down or moving to the left, to the left, or whatever.  You know I'm talking about Kesha Ke$ha.  I have questions regarding Ke$ha and her songwriting team.  Let's discuss shall we?

Disclaimer:  I do not expect you to watch this video in its entirety.  In fact, I suggest you don't.  Because it is 3 minutes seconds of your life that you will never get back and honestly, I just don't think I can carry that on my conscience.  I can summarize it really quick for you:  She wakes up in a bathtub with one shoe on and then parties alot and then falls asleep in another tub with a different shoe on.  Klassy. The End. I only include the video in case you weren't entirely sure what song I was talking about and needed a listen.  And then you would be like OMG I LOVE THIS SONG and then we'd become BFF immediately because I KNOW RIGHT?!


So what I want to know first is was there some sort of artistic statement being made about the bathtubs?  Such that she spends an awful lot of time in the bathtub, yet it is never for the tub's intended purpose?  Because clearly girlfriend is no stranger to odor.  It appears that she is, however, a stranger to soap.  Irony perhaps?  See how Ke$ha has us thinking?

And what about the whole typefont rebellion?  Using a $ instead of an S in her name!  Have you ever heard such madness?! No one can conform you to society, Ke$ha!  You will NOT be boxed in!  Also, please note that going forward, I will be known as Jenn!fer, as I, too, am a rebel.

Like her predecessor, Miley, Ke$ha is a lyrical trailblazer.  They are so advanced and beyond the scope of my limited reasonings, that I don't even know what the heck the girl is talking about.  For example:  "The dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger."

Mick Jagger?  Really?

So what you're saying to me is that when this dude rolls up:

And is all "'Sup boo?"  You're going to be like "Kick him to the curb!"  Whereas, I'm all "Call me!"

Let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly:

         Yes.                                                                              No.

See how she boggles the mind?


Kathryn said...

OhMyGod...I'm DYING here.

Okay...I watched the WHOLE ENTIRE I am officially your new BFF....'cause I KNOW, RIGHT?!

#1: She seems to be unaware that the bathtub is not her bed. Someone needs to clue her in on this.
#2: Are we to believe that she's old enough to drink but she's not old enough to drive?? I mean, it's a cool bike and all, but....
#3: She starts off wearing her seat belt whilst schmoozing with ugly-toupee-dude and then she gets pulled over and arrested and THEN she's standing up in the car? I want that cop's badge#, pronto.

On the plus side: It has a catchy beat...and I like her pedicure.

Please notice how we've both picked up on totally different life lessons from this young girl...showing that you're never too Mick Jagger (old...get it?) to learn somethin' new.


Lauren said...

Hmmm... this is why I listen to old music... but not Mick Jagger. Maybe if you pull his skin back... like if there was a knob or something. I'm not an authority on men but I think this one is obvious... Ugh. Singers are weird. As to the bath tub thing, maybe she's awaiting a nuclear holocaust. Are they lead-lined? These are the important questions.

Alicia said...

I too like Kathryn watched the whole video and I guess we're all BFF cuz I loved it too.

But I did want to point out regarding Kathryn's #3 above, the girl obviously escapes as she's wearing the handcuffs only on one arm, right?

Lise said...

Hahaha you kill me buddy.

Lets henceforth be known as Jenn!fer and L!se. Maybe we can release some killer hit singles too - I think we are badass enough and thats clearly all it takes these days.