Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soooo.  Guess what I got to do yesterday?

Want a hint?

And that, my friends, would be SNOW!!!  Holla!

As of Monday night, the local weather guys were preaching snow for Tuesday, while all the non-weather guy people, who are familiar with their track record, were all "mmm hmm, sure dude, whatever you say."  And don't you know my sweet mom came in to wake me up at 8 am to tell me to go look out the window. 

Whaaaat?!  Y'all, this is central Texas I'm talking about here.  This?  Does not happen.  Or at least I've never seen it.  I grew up in southeast Louisiana where any "snow" that happened to fall usually melted before it hit the ground.  Since I've been in Texas, I've seen nothing but a couple of major ice storms, but none of this real snow.  This stuff was sticking yo.

Apparently, at the sight of snow, I immediately turn into a 5 year old.  This is fact.  Although I am at least a very mature 5 year old who knows the importance of dressing sensibly before running out in the backyard yelling SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!  I just thought that would be worth mentioning.  You guys, the flakes that were coming down were enormous!  I had no idea snowflakes honestly got that big.  It was like little snow hamsters falling out of the sky or something.  I'll let that visual sink in for a minute.

Related:  So it has pretty much always (for like a year) been my dream to get a white puffer jacket with a (faux) fur lined hood so I could pretend I was a snow princess while feeding an apple to a deer in the snowy mountains. Well, guess what I found at Ross for like $20?  Oh yes I did.  So of course, it was a snow princess day, although technically, I was supposed to have long hair , but I figured since I didn't have the deer, apple, or mountains, I could let the hair thing go. (Unrelated:  Also, I forgot to tell you last week, that I just cut all my hair off.  Seriously, like 6 inches or something.  It's madness down here I tell you!) Anyway, moving on...

This was the first time Gracie girl has seen real snow too.  Her first impression?:

She's a lady.  And was completely freaked out by all the cold stuff landing on her head.  Though with all that fur, I don't really think she knew it was cold.  All she knew was it was on here and please to make it stop.  Once she realized that whatever this stuff was got us all out in the yard (PLAY!), then she was just fine.  Oh man, and once the ball came outside too...forget it.  She was golden.

None of this winter wonderland business lasted of course.  It was back up to the upper 40's toady, so driving through the neighborhood today was like witnessing the March of the Dying Snowmen.  Seemed every yard had a melty, uneven, sad little man fading back into the mildness of a southern winter.  Hey, it happens.

So until the next snow day that I get to witness, enjoy some pics....


Kathy said...

Since I've always had snow in my life, I always imagine how crazy everyone gets if it snows where snow doesn't normally fall. It must be so fun! I would act like a five year old, too, and I wouldn't care what anyone said.

I love how you had just enough to make a good-sized snowman. Have fun!

(We're supposed to get 18" today.)

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I am a snow bunny and cannot get enough. Sadly, this year, where I live we have not had much at all. boohoo.

JD at I Do Things said...

As someone who lives in Chicago and hears "6 to 10 inches expected" regularly in the winter AND whose husband didn't get home till 10 last night thanks to a lake-effect snow storm AND who will have to shovel off her car today if she wants to go out and buy some damn frozen corn, I am . . .

. . . oh, crap. I am happy for you. Look how happy you look. And Gracie. Oh, the joy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put on my boots to take out the damn garbage!!!

Kathryn said...

Ah, freezerdoodle. I'm happy for you, kiddo. This will be the year you'll remember being the beautiful maiden feeding imaginary Bambi the imaginary apple in the imaginary mountains.

I don't know where you get this imagination from!

Chrissy said...

Wow for a minute there, you actually made me feel GRATEFUL that it snows here.

Lise said...

Snow! Seriously? This is coming close to threatening our friendship ;p Im dying of jealousy. But given how we are like total fireflies solemates im willing to let it slide :)

Not to mention when I lived in the UK for a year i totally had a faux fire hooded baby blue jacket! HOW hot would we look together!!

But do me a favour? If it snows again go out and catch some flakes on your tongue for me. I miss that!

Spot said...

I love snow! And I live in Illinois, so we get alot of it. It makes me act like a five year old too!

Glad you got at least one day of fun in it!


Alicia said...

Looks like so much fun! I think it's snowed here once in the past 20 years. I love your snow princess jacket, very sweet.