Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Pimpin'....

Attention Internet!  Your vote is needed! 

Yes, I'm totally pimping my dog child out. :) Gracie's up for cutest pet ever in the whole world. It would mean alot to her if you'd vote for her. I think it'll be really good for her self-esteem if she wins, since she's really self-conscious abou the extra 30 lbs of fur she's put on since she's been groomed last. She's really starting to resemble a swiffer duster. But don't tell her I said that. :)

Feel free to send it out to everybody you know who will agree that she is a TEN! I guess that would be a 70 in dog years right?

To vote, click here.  No email address or registration or anything is needed.  Just a vote. :)
Thanks mucho!

"You're talking about my furnkles aren't you? It is not my fault my legs have disappeared entirely into the fur.  Hmph."


Chrissy said...

Gracie's adorable!

Alicia said...

Gracie is totally cute & I voted for her. I love her furnkles :-)

So I came by at the request of Kathryn with From the Inside...Out.

She's a talent finder...kinda like friendfinder but she finds you friends with talent, which is great cuz I already have a lot of "no talent friends" :-)

Love your posts kiddo, Kathryn was right. I'm thrilled to become a stalker!

Kathryn said...

Gracie's got my vote! (And it's totally not her fault that her legs have disappeared behind her un-groomed fur.)

Lise said...

Omg you know my love for Gracie!

She would look beautiful at any weight - its the way she carries herself with such pride :)

Lise said...

And I love how you photographed her in the field of flowers - its a gorgeous shot