Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy 101....

What a wonderful surprise!  My dear bloggy friend Lise at Every Last Drop awarded me with this fantastic Happy 101 award.  And get this?  The acceptance directions involve list making!  Lists!  Is there anyone who does not LOVE a good list?  I think not.

So here we go.  Presenting the Jenny's Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy List:

  1. Animals.  I'm happier laying around on the floor with a stinky, dirty dog than I am all fancy hanging out with people.
  2. Knowing I made someone smile or brightened their day in some way.
  3. Letting the people in my life know how much I love and adore them. 
  4. Yoga pants.
  5. Potatoes.
  6. Dancing until all hours of the night to my favorite songs with my favorite girls.
  7. Finding the shirt I've been shop stalking on clearance for under $5.
  8. Singing loud in my car.
  9. Realizing that someone really, truly gets me.
  10. Big, noisy thunderstorms.
I think today I will spend some time cuddling with a sweet dog.  And maybe make some potatoes for lunch. :)

What things make you happy?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stupid, Annoying Bones....

I would just like to say that if I see the trailer for The Lovely Bones one more time, something bad is going to happen.  I mean, seriously?  Is every. single. commercial break. really necessary?  After a certain point, I just cannot be held accountable for my actions. 

That is all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Behold the awesome...

In case I've not mentioned it before, I come from quite a musical family.  I grew up to the sounds of my dad's acoustic strumming away in the background of our everyday life.  My brother turned out to be a natural talent as well and has been part of a few bands.  Once we moved to Austin, my dad joined a band as well and now rocks the rhythm guitar for an awesome local band.  Several extended family members play guitars, drums, etc. so family functions are known to include spontaneous jam sessions.  It is absolutey fantastic, and I owe my complete obsession and need for music to being surrounded by it my whole life.  Now, granted, the talent apple skipped this particular branch altogether, but I can certainly appreciate other people's talent.

Anyway, I tell you all this because I thought you might like a vid of my dad and bro jamming on Christmas.  I know I'm a little biased, but I think it's really great.  Makes me happy every time I watch it.  I don't think I need to point out who is who. :)  Behold:

Quote of the Day...

Did y'all see the article about the parents who were arrested for giving their kids tattoos at home?  Apparently, these two tatted up parents thought it would be an okay idea to give six of their kids (all under the age of 18 mind you) tattoos from a homemade tattoo gun.  I will say that again. HOMEMADE tattoo gun.  Are you following me here?  According to the article, they used "electrical cord, spliced wiring, and a guitar string for a needle."  ACK!  Guitar string?!  Okay, here's the thing.  I have seen a zillion guitar strings, and probably as many tattoos, but I have never (NEVER!) put the two together.  Ever.  How do you even get there, is what I want to know? 

PARENTING AWARD WINNER #1:  Baby, I been thinking.  Know what our kids need? 

PARENTING AWARD WINNER #2:  What's that baby?

PAW#1: Tats

PAW#2:  Best idea you've had since you served ham for breakfast! (ed. note: which should've been the first red flag.  Ham? Is ALWAYS wrong.  It just is.)  Too bad we don't have a tattoo gun.

PAW#1:  Aw heck, we can make one of them.  Go look in that box of stuff your brother dropped off.  I'm sure there's something in there we can use.

You know, every now and then, I get to thinking that maybe there should be tighter restrictions on google searches.  I'm just throwing that out there. If this is not an argument for that, then I don't know what is.  I want to know (or maybe I don't) what they used for ink.

Because "tattooing childen is illegal in Georgia," (I'll bet that's something you never thought you'd read) the kids were temporarily removed from their parents.  At which point, Mama Tat had this to say:

"If I'm such a bad parent, then how come they brought the kids back right after I got out jail?"

Well.  There you have it.  Can't argue with that logic.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

Well, my immune system finally folded and the germs won the pot.  But thankfully, after careful review and extensive google research, it is not The Plague as I initially suspected, but instead just the Common Cold.  Although do you get a fever with a cold?  Because I have one.  I am rocking the temp at 101 like it's going out of style.  Fussy, sweaty, fevery 101 in the house!  Holla!  Also, I might be delirious.  You've been warned.

So this is pretty much going to be a pointless post, and I'm really only doing it because I know I have not put as much into our blogging relationship as I have taken out.  Which is just plain selfish.  I have been feeling completely unfunny lately, so I decided this will be a post of tying up loose ends.  Specifically about things that I know you've been wondering about, so we'll wrap it all up here now, so that you will finally be able to get some sleep.  Or I don't know, maybe I'll just post a bunch of pictures and ramble endlessly and pointlessly as I'm doing now.  It's working well yes?

ANYWAY, remember that I was going to bake pumpkin goodies for the wonderful pumpkin givers?  Well, I finally did it!  And from what I was told, it all turned out pretty darn good. :) 

Get a load of this empanda action:

And muffins.  YUMMO!

I made dog treats too for the dawgs, but no pics because they just didn't look quite yummy enough.  But Gracie girl sure loved them.  So there's that.

Also, Literary Christmas.  Remember me telling you about the sock puppets?  We pulled off another winning performance from what I can tell of the reviews.  The day of the party, Cousin Val and I met upor emergency poetry writing.  We decided on a rewrite of the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas starting with the line 'Twas the Morning of Literary Christmas.  Oh my gosh, we had to much fun.  There was lots of high fiving and table dancing and bacon eating, and then the creativity just started flowing.  After two hours at a table in IHOP, it was all finished up.  Apparently the secret is to cram in it at the last second. Haha.  Which is pretty much what the whole poem was about anyway. With a rap breakdown included of course.  I believe there is video of it somewhere so I'll try to get my hands on it for you.  Until then, here's a pic:

I hope you all got some closure here so we can move on.  Yes?  Okay, good.  I'm off to watch Lifetime with my fever.