Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

Well, my immune system finally folded and the germs won the pot.  But thankfully, after careful review and extensive google research, it is not The Plague as I initially suspected, but instead just the Common Cold.  Although do you get a fever with a cold?  Because I have one.  I am rocking the temp at 101 like it's going out of style.  Fussy, sweaty, fevery 101 in the house!  Holla!  Also, I might be delirious.  You've been warned.

So this is pretty much going to be a pointless post, and I'm really only doing it because I know I have not put as much into our blogging relationship as I have taken out.  Which is just plain selfish.  I have been feeling completely unfunny lately, so I decided this will be a post of tying up loose ends.  Specifically about things that I know you've been wondering about, so we'll wrap it all up here now, so that you will finally be able to get some sleep.  Or I don't know, maybe I'll just post a bunch of pictures and ramble endlessly and pointlessly as I'm doing now.  It's working well yes?

ANYWAY, remember that I was going to bake pumpkin goodies for the wonderful pumpkin givers?  Well, I finally did it!  And from what I was told, it all turned out pretty darn good. :) 

Get a load of this empanda action:

And muffins.  YUMMO!

I made dog treats too for the dawgs, but no pics because they just didn't look quite yummy enough.  But Gracie girl sure loved them.  So there's that.

Also, Literary Christmas.  Remember me telling you about the sock puppets?  We pulled off another winning performance from what I can tell of the reviews.  The day of the party, Cousin Val and I met upor emergency poetry writing.  We decided on a rewrite of the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas starting with the line 'Twas the Morning of Literary Christmas.  Oh my gosh, we had to much fun.  There was lots of high fiving and table dancing and bacon eating, and then the creativity just started flowing.  After two hours at a table in IHOP, it was all finished up.  Apparently the secret is to cram in it at the last second. Haha.  Which is pretty much what the whole poem was about anyway. With a rap breakdown included of course.  I believe there is video of it somewhere so I'll try to get my hands on it for you.  Until then, here's a pic:

I hope you all got some closure here so we can move on.  Yes?  Okay, good.  I'm off to watch Lifetime with my fever. 

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Kathryn said...

Aw honey....I don't know if colds have fevers with 'em, but it obviously has not affected your gift for writing!

Those pumpkin delights look heavenly...your house must've smelled divine!

I DO hope you're feeling better. And don't worry....there's no checks & balances in blogville. You just take what you want and give when you can!