Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spoiled rotten...

Today has not been one of the best days, I admit. Been a rough ride around the office today, and I'm anxious to get out of here. There have been a few highlights like leaving to go drop off an order to a vendor for processing and some busy work that makes time go a little quicker. At lunch, I got to go with one of my coworkers to meet her friend's new puppy. Nothing like a sweet, soft puppy to cheer you up. She's go two other dogs that are sweet and adorable too. Poor Lola is the little Shih Tzu. She's got the worst allergies and has to wear the doggy cone all the time. But let me tell can't help but smile when a tiny little dog in a purple cone comes tearing across the room wagging her tail and trying to get you to pick her up. Nothing much cuter than that, my friends. We stopped at Sonic on the way back to work and I got some lunch with a large coke. Pay close attention here...LARGE coke.

About an hour after we get back, an announcement comes across the paging system that there is a maintenance problem and no one is to use the restrooms or anything pertaining to water. Remember the large coke? One of my coworkers mentions the problem in the break room so I go take a look. Flooded. With Water. From the restrooms. It's only about 2:00 at this point. I don't get off work until 5:30 (large coke!). Do you know what happens when drainage water from restrooms has been sitting in a break room (where we eat by the way) for a few hours? The nose becomes a very unhappy part of the face. If anyone has ever had trouble meditating or finding a happy place, I suggest you put yourself in this situation. You will find a way to check out mentally really quick. I had just decided to go talk to some of the other girls in the office to distract myself, but remembered how funny they are and thought better of it.

I just got a secret phone call letting me know we had the all clear from maintenance. I'm surprised you didn't hear the stampede from where you are. 60 people, 4 hours, no restrooms? Not good. I realized that indoor plumbing has spoiled me rotten. It was getting pretty desperate around here. Although being the New Orleans girl that I am, I was about 15 minutes from pulling a French Quarter out in the back parking lot. I'm so classy. Haha.

Alright peeps, I've got 10 minutes before my weekend officially begins, and I'm off to Ross in search of a pimp cup.

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