Sunday, August 29, 2010

29 + 1...

Well. Looks like I lied didn't I?  I looked you right in the reading comprehension and lied.  *shame*  Are you still talking to me?  I know I said I'd post stuff and tell stories and all that, but then I didn't.  And honestly, I just didn't want to, and I don't really even feel all that bad about it, so we're just going to have to suck it up and move.  So we're good here? Good.

So what should we talk about?  I guess I'll tell you about my birthday party since I know that's what you are most interested in. 

I turned 30.  Hooray?  Actually, I'm really okay with it because from what I hear, the 30's are the place to be.  No therapy needed.  And because I have some of the most fantastic friends ever made in the universe, they threw me a birthday party.  It was a Phantom of the Opera themed masquerade ball.  Dude, are you jealous?  Because seriously, how awesome is that? 

We all dressed up in formal gowns and fancy masks and whirled and twirled around my friend Amanda's huge living room to the soundtrack to Phantom.  And then of course when that got old, we whirled and twirled to some Flo Rida because we are nothing, if not classy. 

These ladies did such a fantastic job decorating that it still blows my mind.  The entire dining room was covered in black tablecloths and all lights were replaced with those flickering votive fake candles.  Red carnations and handmade artwork were around too, so that it had that air of old, creepy mansion or whatever.  Bottom line:  it kicked heinie.  (Unrelated question:  How exactly is heinie spelled?  Because I always feel wrong no matter how I do it?  Is it heinie?  Heiny? Heinee? Hi-Knee? Help me internet.)

So there you have it in a wee, little nutshell.  To review:  I'm 30, my friends are amazing, and I can't spell slang words for buttocks. 

The end.

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kathryn said...

You are too funny...and you look completely divine in that gown...and not a day over 27.

How incredibly lovely that your friends threw you a bash! You obviously have some awesome friends.

Just say "ass". Or tushie. Or butt. Seriously? You want a list? So many choices, so little time....