Monday, December 7, 2009

Week One Complete

Dude, has it seriously been a week already?  One week into this long road to recovery, and I have to say, so far so good.  There were definitely a couple REALLY bad days right up front, but that was all me and not a whole lot to do with Gracie girl here.  Lesson learned here:  Do not combine a week of craft show preparation with 3 days of Thanksgiving/travel with an all day craft show with major surgery on your one and only dog child during a week that is known to not be safe emotional-wise for us ladies and physical-wise for you fellas.  I think you follow.  Luckily, I was able to sleep in extra late one day which recharged my batteries a bit.

This dog is taking this whole thing like such a champ.  Dogs, man.  The resilience in these animals is amazing.  From the minute she got home, she has not whined a bit about having to be in the crate.  Trust me when I tell you this is a HUGE occurrence.  She'll huff and snort at me a bit, if she thinks she should be up on the bed with me, like maybe I forgot, but once I tell her to lay down, she settles in.  WHA???  Oh, and there was the HORRIBLE, nightmare-inducing night where she had to wear the Cone of Shame (10 points if you name the movie!) for the first time, and she literally laid there and quietly cried herself to sleep.  Like not even the whining dog kind of crying.  Just little whimpers to herself, and y'all, I am not lying when I tell you fat, little teardrops rolled down her cheeks.  I mean, seriously, universe?  Must you be this cruel? Heart. Breaking.

Since then, all is gravy.  Just today she has started to bite/chew on her leg from the itching more consistenly.  All week, when I tell her no, she'd quit.  Not so much today.  She'll latch on to that little naked leg and just gnaw the heck out of it, pretending she can't hear me of course.  Smart pup that she is figured out how to time it too, that if she ignores me, I'll get up to stop her.  And don't you know that little dog will bite bite bite on her itchy spot right until I put my hand out to stop her.  Then, of course, she's done.  Mmmm hmmm. What a coincidence.  You just happen to stop itching when I get to you.  I'm on to you little animal. So the bummer of it is that she now has to wear The Cone all day since she refuses to heed the wisdom of my years.  She doesn't fuss at all about it, but is having a little trouble figuring out how to walk and hear and all that with it on.  She clipped the walls in the hallway a few times, and tries to see over the top of it instead of turning her head left or right.  It's really cute/sweet/funny to watch.  She's a trooper, that one.

So, anyway, we're managing. We made it through week one, seven more to go.  The stitches come out this Saturday, so that should help with some of the itching.  All we can do is one day at a time right?

And just so you know what I see every night before I go to sleep:

I can't help but smile.

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Kathryn said...

OHMYGOD....I'm dying looking at that sweet, adorable little face!

You are SO BRAVE, Jenny....serious Mommy-dom points for this one.

Isn't there a creme or something they can give to relieve the itching?? We found this stuff called PrameGel (for humans, obviously...put out by Bioglan). I don't use if you cud use it on dogs but it's great to have in the house for YOU...kills the itch of freakin' anything! My pharmacist had to order it for me.

Hope she's less itchy and more comfortable soon. Aw, poor thang!