Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Post is Brought to You by Cozy Socks...

Have you ever seen such toasty piggies in all your life?!  I'm telling you this:  Combine these bad boys with some stretchy pants and watch the world turn rosey.  You can count that as fact.  They were so magical during movie watching time last night that I took myself right back to Old Navy this morning to buy a second pair.  I also highly recommend getting fun stripes.  It will make your feet happy.

Ugh. Embarrassing story for you. (Not super embarrassing because I was over it in as long as it took me to call my BFF and recount the story, but still...)  My mission at Old Navy today was three-fold: (1) Buy the pj pants for my mom to complete our matching Christmas morning pj's, (2) buy more cozy socks (see above), and (3) use my 20% off coupon.  Oh wait, no, four-fold because (4) use my gift card.  Yes, four-fold. After at least an hour in the store, possibly longer, trying on every single thing that looked sort of interesting, I had a nice little selection of goods for purchase.  (Dang, it's five-fold.  I needed to exchange a shirt too. Brain, please engage. Thanks.) 

In the checkout line, I make things slightly difficult for Cashier Girl and ask her to do the exchange and the purchase separately because one was on my mom's receipt, and the other would be mine.  Halfway through it, I realized that was unnecessary and told her she could do it all on one transaction as she suggested.  It didn't cause her any more work or anything; I just tell you that to prepare you for the idea that maybe my cerebrum wasn't operating with a full staff.  I also ask her to do a price adjustment for a couple of the shirts Mom and I bought yesterday that I found marked down on clearance.  She did whatever retaily thing, then told me that nothing was pulling up as needing to be adjusted on the receipt.  So we look over the receipt together, and I point out what shirts I meant.  Yeah, they were already marked down on the receipt.  We got them at the clearance price yesterday.  GAH!  I mean it's awesome that we got the discount, but seriously Jenny, check your facts before you begin to speak.  No worries, she was nice to me so I went on my merry way.

As soon as I got in the car, I realized two things: (1) I forgot to use my gift card (3rd time I've done that btw), and (2) I forgot to use my 20% off coupon.  Argh!  I immediately called my retail bestie who worked at Gap for like 100 years.  "If I bring my coupon back in there, will they give me the discount?"  She assured me they would.  So I did the dork walk of shame and went back through the cashier's line.  I explained to her how apparently I completely dorked out and forgot about my coupon and could I please still use it?  She thankfully did not look at me insane, but called her manager to help her out with the transaction.  She said she just wanted to make sure she was doing it right, but I'm pretty sure it's because she thought I was going to put a dead rabbit on the counter or something.  I mean I know I was totally putting off the crazy vibe (I might have realized mid-first transaction that I had a full 20 oz Sprite in my purse that I had forgotten about.  Of course I told her about it.)

Because there was holiday madness happening, I let the two ladies in line behind me go first while we waited for Manager.  Once he got there, he said she would just need to void it and redo the transaction.  Ok, a small pain, but nothing major.  Then, when it wasn't working right, he realized there was an exchange on the receipt and because of that, she would have to return each individual item MANUALLY and then re-ring it up. Poor girl. I glanced over my shoulder to see how many people were inconvenienced by this.  Seven.  SEVEN!  Well, sorry Old Navy shoppers, welcome to Christmas In Retail.  I was so happy to get out of there, that I didn't even bring up the gift card.  No way.  I'll use it later, let's just roll with the coupon thing please.

It all worked out fine, I just hate having to do stuff like that.  HATE it. Let me just do it all right the first time, so as not to have to make waves to fix it later.  But whatever, I'm over it.  But brain, please note...You are on notice.


Kathryn said...

Sweetie, my brain hurt just reading about this! I definitely would have needed to write all this down....there's no freakin' way I wud've remembered it!
(Too many steps...way too many steps!)

Good for you for marching back in there and getting it done. I probably wud've bailed on it.

Lise said...

Ok I loooove those socks! My feet are always cold, even in Oz summr, so I must get me a pair like that for christmas! I wish we had old navy at home, it looks sooo cool.