Friday, January 23, 2009

Soooo tired...

Tonight was the Brad Paisley concert. It was absolutely one of the best shows I've seen. I was so impressed by him. I swear the man did not stop playing the guitar for 2 solid hours, and it completely exhausted me.

I bought my dad tickets for Christmas because, as many of you know, my dad is a rock star. A real one. In a band and everything. We stopped for some Burger King on the way downtown, adn I gotta say, I completely forgot how awesome Whoppers are. That's good stuff. We got to the arena about 5 minutes before Dierks Bentley started, which means we missed Darius Rucker. I don't know any of his stuff anyway, but I've heard he's good. But whatever, we missed him. Dierks Bentley comes out, and I just really don't get him. Everybody I know just thinks he is the hottest thing and loves his music, but it just doesn't click with me. I can think of only one or two songs of his that I really enjoyed. But he was alright.

Brad Paisley? IS THE MAN!!! And for real, if he wasn't married to that adorable Kimberly Williams who I just love like crazy, then Brad and I would be married. Tomorrow. He is just pure candy. I always forget how much I like his music until I hear it, and then it's just WOW to me. SUCH a fun concert. He had a really cool stage set up with lights all over the place, and not the typical cheesy textbook concert lighting. Probably 40 amps all stacked up to form a riser and all the amps lit up. That's cool stuff right there. Fantastic. He tore that guitar up. Or should I say those guitars. I'm pretty sure he switched out every song or two. Rock it out Brad.

As soon as we got to the car, I realized my entire body was aching. Like hard to walk aching. Then I got home and my hamstrings were all tight and my back hurt. I felt like I had been in the gym for hours. It was all from sitting there watching the show. He was so on the whole time and lights and loud and videos and screaming people and just complete sensory overload. It wasn't until we left that I realized that my entire body must've been just completely tensed the entire show. Hahaha. I was so into it, that I didn't even realize it. So I got to see a great show AND it feels like I got an intense workout. That's multi-tasking.

Our seats were awesome! Way up but in the front of the section and it was only one of those 3 seat rows so we didn't have people climbing over us all night. Perfect. No crazies all dancing in front of us either. And you guys, I just completely LOVE hanging out with my dad. He's so awesome. It really made me happy to be able to watch that with him and know that he was really enjoying the music too. Great show, great seats, great company. :)

Oh and this drunk guy totally fell down the stairs as he was dancing down them. How do you top that?

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