Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At last...

Guess where I am?

Give up? I'm sitting on my mom's guest bed watching Biggest Loser.

But Jenny, how can you do that when the computer is in the other room?

Well, my friend, as of Sunday evening I became part of this whole technical/electronic/cyber age and got myself a sweet little laptop. Not even 48 hours later, and I am completely spoiled rotten.

I started online classes today which is really the main reason I went ahead and bought this thing, but the secret reason that I really did it? So I can sit on my couch and blog in real time about the awesomeness of tv shows. Hooray!

So Biggest Loser is on right now and I won't go into to much detail just in case some of you DVR'd it and haven't gotten a chance to see it yet. But dang. That Joelle. Whew. I would really like to kick her in the knee. She has these dead eyes, and it makes me so sad for her. She obviously has some issues she needs to work out, but her poor friend Carla is the one who is going to pay for them. Sad and completely frustrating.

Also, I would like Allison Sweeney to be my best friend please. Doesn't she just seem like the kind of person that you want to sit at a cafe and eat egg salad sandwiches with while talking about your fabulous new bag and her adorable new shoes?

Anyway, so I am going to go learn some more about the new gadget of mine. It's got the capabilities to do so many awesome things. I think I'll start with the important stuff. Like games.

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