Sunday, March 29, 2009

So proud...

Well, it looks like my little Gracie girl is on her way out of the puppy phase for good. Being that I myself am such a complete chicken, I have tried to make sure that Gracie isn't like one of those skittish dogs who jumps at everything. I admit I have not quite succeeded. She jumps at anything she doesn't recognize and know VERY well.

As much as I've tried to train her not to bark at every little thing, she's a pretty fierce little guard dog and will bark her head off if something isn't right. She'll bark a few times if something is going on outside the front door, like somebody leaving fliers on the door or a bunch of kids in front of the house. Today though, some not so bright flier leaver thought it would be smart to slide the flier all the way through the crack in the door. Gracie was going nuts and I thought I heard paper, but just ignored it, assuming she'd stop as soon as they were gone. She kept up. I went to see what was up and sure enough, there's a big yellow piece of paper stuck in the door on the INSIDE. That's some serious effort to get it inside. Rude, but whatever. But my little Cujo was standing underneath it staring it down and barking like that yellow paper was going to kill us all. That's my girl. She knows which doors to guard, and I love her for that.

Anyway, that's not really the point of this but still it was pretty cool. Because the weather has been absolutely perfect today and the poor pup has been stuck inside with me all weekend, I figured I'd take her out for a little change of scenery. I know she probably is as sick as the usual neighborhood walk as I am, so we went to check out this new walking trail/pond down the street. Let me tell you...this little frou frou fluffy dog? Gets rugged. There was one area of the trail that wasn't paved yet and she was all jumped and crawling through the bushes and dirt like she does it everyday. Extreme pomeranian fo sho. =]

One area of the pond is paved into the water (think boat launch), and there were a few ducks swimming around. I thought for sure as soon as she felt wet paws, she'd come running back to me. Nope. Waded right out into that water chest deep. Whaaa??? Running around like part lab. She even fell into this recessed drainage thing that she couldn't tell was recessed because of the water. I thought that would freak her out and she'd be done. Nope. Proved me wrong again. So exciting for me. She's so jumpy all the time about new stuff, so I was thrilled to see her being all fearless like this.

On the happy, prancy pom walk back to the car, we passed another area where the water comes right back up. I guess her confidence was up because she walked right up to that too. Then jumped back all startled. Walk forward two steps. Jump back. She just swam in dark cloudy water with ducks that she's never seen like a champ. So what was it that had her all scared? A duck feather. A. Duck. Feather. Sigh.

Oh well. Baby steps I guess.

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