Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thoughts While Thinking**....

So sometimes my mind wanders.  I know this revelation is shocking unto you, but it is truth.  And so because of all the wandering, I decided to take some notes so you could join me on this wanderation.  I know, I know, you're welcome.


*Isn’t it amazing how fast your favorite shirt can become your most annoying shirt?  Because for real, I am about ready to take this thing off and set it on fire. 

*Why are they called crocodile tears? Do crocodiles seriously cry that much? Or is it like because of how big you’re gonna cry when you see a crocodile coming at you?

*Don't you think that the true mark of being an adult is when you can finally tell the difference between the opening music to Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina?

*Funky Comadina, anybody? Where were YOU when you realized that comadina is not a word? Did it just rock your whole belief system or what?

*I saw a lady mopping her house today.  Not mopping the floor of her house.  Mopping her actual house.  Like the outside of it.  I don't really have anything to say about that, but I just figured it's probably not something a girl should keep to herself.  So, yeah.

*Why the heck do tape measures disappear the second you put them down?  I measured my dresser, set the tape measure down, and I swear it took me a good 20 minutes to find it.  I found it on the shelf in the hallway. When did I go in the hallway?!

And just for general informational purposes, I did not mean that list to turn out so Seinfeld-y, as in "what is the DEAL with crocodile tears?"  But you know, things happen, so I think it's best we all just move one from it.  Even though I don't think he's funny one bit, and CLEARLY, I am hilarious.  So. Yeah.

**Let us all take a moment to recognize that my aunt is awesome because that's where Thoughts While Thinking came from.  From her mind.  Because she's awesome.**

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