Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Main Idea...


Today has been ridiculously dumb.  Beyond dumb really. How is that for a topic sentence? I set myself a nice little goal last night of really getting back into this whole blogging thing.  Like maybe if I just make myself type something, anything, everyday, then maybe, eventually, I'll have something to say.  Or feel funny again.  Or something.  I don't know. It's hard to really know what point one is trying to make when there is a furry beast breathing chicken and rice kibble breath in your face insisting with a furry beast paw that you just scratch a little right here.  No, not there...here.  Anyway, now that you're ready to crack a window open at the thought of all that chicken and rice kibble breath, the point I was trying to make, I think, is that I'm trying to get back to writing.  Did I say that already? 

Did I also mention that today is dumb?  Because it is.  It's painfully and ridiculously and marvelously gorgeous outside what with all the Fall in the South business, so really, I cannot gripe too very much.  Because let me tell you someting about seasons in the South:  if the humidity drops anywhere below 110%, well, you pretty much better hush your mouth about any complaining at all because for once you can go inside with the same hair you came outside with.  When I was a kid and I asked my dad how the weather would be, he would always give me the forecase as it pertained to hair. 

Me: "Dad, what's the weather going to be like this weekend?" 
Him:  "Great hair weather!"  Which, of course, meant low humidity. Or "terrible hair weather!" meant any day of the year that wasn't October, or that one day in April. 

Anyway, today is dumb mostly for mood reasons, as in, I am in a bad one.  Nothing you really need to hear about, nor do you want to, because really, it's nothing worth putting out into the universe at all. 

Whatever, let's not talk about me anymore, deal?

Tell me about you.  Are you dressing up for Halloween, if you're into that sort of thing? 

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kathryn said...

Okay. So, I think you're averaging about one blog post a month. Now, I don't feel so bad for being MIA for a whole week!

Not that I'm trying to guilt you into blogging, or anything....'cause I'm so not.

Well, not really...