Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Adventure: Day 4

This whole adventure thing is turning out to be quite an interesting adventure in itself.  Today's adventure was feeling a bit shy for most of the day.  No matter how closely I looked and stopped to ponder, it just refused to show it's bashful little face. There were events and happenings, sure, but adventures?  Psssh.  Not even.

And you wouldn't even believe where that little sneaker turned up today.  On Twitter.  Right?!  Who would think to look on Twitter for an adventure?  But there it was all bright and beautiful staring back at me from the Blackberry while I waited in line at the grocery store.

Care to see it?

Love everything about this. #31daysofadventure on Twitpic

I have no words for the feelings I get when I look at this picture.  One of my very bestest is playing this adventure game with me this month, and these are her beautiful kids.  She posted this as her adventure today, and I realized how much I look forward to seeing what the day brought her.  I was on Twitter for the sole purpose of seeing if she posted anything.  I honestly felt excitement when I saw she did, and that's when I realized someone else's adventure was my own.  Not because I was physically there, but because my heart was invested in it, fully present and experiencing this moment.  Seeing this picture fills me with joy in ways that probably can't fully explained.  In it, I see her dreams realized in a son and daughter and know that they have the greatest Mom and Dad that God could have ever picked for them.  And because she is my soulfriend, her adventure is mine.

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kathryn said...

Oh, so cute! And what a wonderful friendship you have!