Thursday, October 29, 2009

A love story...

Everyone spends their life looking for that something special. That one thing that will fill their hearts with love and their lives with meaning. Very few people are actually lucky enough to say they have found it. And of the ones who have found it, even fewer are able to say that they’ve actually been able to call it their own. This is one of life’s greatest and most elusive wonders.

I am talking, of course, about Tupperware.

Real, true, brand name Tupperware. The organizer’s dream. The baker’s heart’s desire. Never has it been so thrilling to have leftovers that need storing. We all know there is none that can compare. But Tupperware, like most things honest and pure, is not easy to come by. Tupperware can only come into your life when the stars line up and you happen to have a distributor and a full bank account at the same time. You may be lucky enough to be fixed up by a well meaning family member, who just thought you and a one touch canister would be a perfect match. Or a friend who recently purchased a FridgeSmart set and now believes it their mission to ensure everyone else is as happy as they are.

Still sadly, most will never know the joy of customized airflow. We go through life trying to pretend it doesn’t matter, and eventually, we start to believe the lies we tell ourselves: “I don’t need the real thing. That kind of freshness only happens in fairy tales. Plastic containers weren’t meant to last a lifetime.” We try to fill the void with brightly colored sets we found at Wal-Mart for $5, convincing ourselves that this set is just as good as that other stuff. Things are great for a short time, and it appears your dreams are coming true, until one morning you wake up to find that all the lids are either missing or warped from bottom rack dishwashing. Much like our hopes of containers with lifetime guarantees. We resign ourselves to the fact that it just wasn’t in our stars.

Until one morning, as we open the front door, something flutters to the ground. What is this? Gasp! A Tupperware catalog?! Can this really be happening? This is the day we’ve dreamed of since we were little girls! The Tupperware party is coming! Hope fills our hearts and we RSVP with an eager YES!

On that special day, all the guests arrive with airy hearts, ready to witness one of life’s most sacred rituals: product demonstration. As our fearless Tupperware leader demonstrates bowl after airtight bowl, the room is filled with a reverent silence (and some hysterical laughing because Heather is funny, yo). The ceremony comes to a close, and we all glance around the room, knowing we just witnessed something special. None of us will be the same. It is time to place our orders, and we all take turns vowing our eternal devotion to item x on page y. As the exchanging of payments and receipts concludes, it is official. We are the owners of Tupperware.

Till death do us part.

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Lise said...

Hey Jenny,

Lol your post cracked me up! Do you know I have never been to a tupperware party? How deprived am I!

I'm pretty sure we have them in Australia but how do I get myself hooked up, that is the question. Perhaps I will make this my new mission - I am single now, after all and looking for a new Mr right ;)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I haven't told any of my friends about my blog, so I can really write from the heart and don't hold back. So it was nice to know that it touched you and that people out there really do get what I'm going through - I really appreciate it